Student Life

Students’ Affairs Division

 The division co-ordinates all students’ welfare matters through:

Guidance and Counseling Services

This promotes and facilitates growth of students to enable them make appropriate decisions which are personal, social, academic, psychological or concerning career. The following can be addressed:

  • Academic issues
  • Financial Management
  • Health concerns, drugs, alcohol and so on
  • Spiritual matters, family and relationship issues
  • Stress management, emotional issues, personality issues, self esteem and so on.

Clubs and Societies

To enjoy the best campus experience, you need to get in groups or associations that enable you to interact with people from all sorts of backgrounds. When choosing a suitable club or society to join, you need to focus on your interests. Eventually, such an experience gives you great opportunities for leadership, governance and management skills even after completion of one’s course of study. Over 10 clubs, societies and other groups are available at the campus. There’s something for everyone including social, cultural and academic groups.


Chaplaincy services are offered to cater for spiritual, moral and character development needs of every student. The services are expected to enrich personal dignity, put meaning in students’ life and create religious growth and development. The campus therefore, has set aside worship places separately for Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, Moslems and Christian Union for other Christian denominations.